A paediatrician is a medical doctor with special training and skills in the conditions and illnesses that affect the health, growth and development of babies, children and teenagers.

Paediatricians know a lot about the many different conditions and illnesses that can affect children’s health, welfare, behaviour and learning. They also understand how different illnesses and conditions relate to each other.

Even babies who are perfectly healthy go to the doctor a lot. That’s because the first two years are a crucial time in baby’s growth and development, and your doctor will want to keep close tabs on your baby’s progress.

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An Ophthalmologist An ophthalmologist is a doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and management of diseases affecting the eye.

Ophthalmologists treat any problem with vision or the eye, such as:

  • Eye trauma or injury,

  • Infection or inflammation of any part of the eye

  • Corneal diseases – diseases affecting the transparent, clear surface of the eye.

  • Lens problems – especially cataracts which are opacifications that occur in the lens of the eye distorting vision.

  • Retinal diseases – diseases affecting the back of the eye.

  • Glaucoma – increased pressure in the eye

  • Diabetic eye problems

  • Eye tumours

  • Squints and amblyopia

  • Short and long sightedness

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A sonographer performs specialised diagnostic examinations using high frequency ultrasound (sonography). People may require ultrasound scans for a range of conditions from pregnancy to more complex health conditions as prescribed by their health practitioner.

Patients are referred to a sonography service after consultation with their health practitioner to assist in the diagnosis of a wide number of potential health issues.

The sonographer works with a reporting physician, such as a radiologist or other qualified specialist physician, who has responsibility for supervising the examination, reading and interpreting the results and providing the final report to the referring practitioner.

Sonography can be used to examine many parts of the body. This makes it very useful for diagnosing, and guiding management for a range of medical conditions.

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